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How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

If you bought a proxy from us, then before you start using it you have to bind the service to the IP address of the device with the VMlogin anti-detect browser installed. What it is and how to do it is told here.

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To get started, we need to create a new profile. Click on "New browser profile" and you will see an extensive set of settings. In the main tab "Basic configuration" we need the "Setting proxy server" section

How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

In the new window, move the slider "Enable proxy server" and start configuring. It is recommended to choose the SOCKS5 proxy type, because it provides maximum anonymity.

All the necessary information about the purchased proxies you can see in your personal cabinet - Select the active service and go to it. There are all the ports, username and password for proxy authorization.

How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

We recommend using a proxy with authorization. Since we chose SOCKS5 for work and we will use authorization, our working port is 1080. Other port options are described in the services section of our website.

In the IP-adress field we put the IP from the package purchased from us. We have already decided on the appropriate port above, it's 1080. Fill in the login and password specified in the personal cabinet of the proxy service. The configuration is now complete.

How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

We can click "Test proxy" right away. You will get a pop-up window telling you that the proxies are working

How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

Close the dialog box, click "Save". Other settings of the anti-detect browser, depending on your task. Launch our profile, go to LeaksRadar, where we see our changed IP and that all the anonymity checks were successful.

How to add a proxy to the VMlogin anti-detect browser

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Personal data security
Please be careful with your data on the Internet. NEVER use free proxies unless you want them to be stolen. We suggest you use our anonymous proxy network and get a secure IP address to hide your identity on the Internet and not give away your location.
We don't log or see your personal data, our whole network is as secure as possible. With PapaProxy you can use data center proxies with no restrictions on traffic or time of use. Start using cheap AdsPower anti-detection browser proxies today!
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Available regions

Available regions

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With us you will receive

With us you will receive

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What else…

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  • Advanced API.