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UDP proxy

Fast and stable IPv4 proxies with UDP support without traffic limits. Excellent solution for online gaming, broadcasting and video conferencing.

No KYC for customers No KYC for customers
Pay only for credits More than 100 000 addresses in the IPv4 network
No IP address binding Proxy pool with IP address binding
Refund 24 hours Refund during 24 hours
UDP proxies
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UDP 30

$ 19
per month
Mark 30 IP with UDP
Mark HTTPS/SOCKS5 supported
Mark Mixed countries
Check PremiumFraud Shield
Check Speed up to 200 Mbps

UDP 100

$ 49
per month
Mark 100 IP with UDP
Mark HTTPS/SOCKS5 supported
Mark Mixed countries
Check PremiumFraud Shield
Check Speed up to 200 Mbps

UDP 500

$ 225
per month
Mark 500 IP with UDP
Mark HTTPS/SOCKS5 supported
Mark Mixed countries
Check PremiumFraud Shield
Check Speed up to 200 Mbps

UDP 1000

$ 449
per month
Mark 1 000 IP with UDP
Mark HTTPS/SOCKS5 supported
Mark Mixed countries
Check PremiumFraud Shield
Check Speed up to 200 Mbps
About us

About us

Only live technical support in tickets and online chat. No KYC for all customers, even after purchasing the service.

We offer premium IPv4 proxies with support for HTTP(s) and SOCKS 4/5 with no traffic limits. At these rates, all proxies have UDP protocol support to accomplish your tasks. Our services include TCP UDP proxies with UDP proxy protocol to ensure maximum versatility and performance for your needs.

Every 8 days you have the opportunity to independently update the list of proxies in the purchased package for free. You can always test the service before purchase or request a refund within 24 hours after payment.

More info Several subnets in each proxy package
More info Automatic payment and issuance of proxies
More info Proxy packages at wholesale prices for big projects
More info Many payment options
More info Just high-quality and totally private proxies
More info Impressive proxy speed

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VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay
VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay

Direct payment by bank card.

Pay Bitcoin

Automatic payment and proxy issuance.


Payment in USDT, DAI stablecoins.

Pay Ethereum

Automatic payment and proxy issuance.

WebMoney WMZ

Payment from WebMoney wallet in WMZ.

Pay AliPay

Payment via AliPay.

In addition, we accept any cards, transfers from companies, PerfectMoney, and more than 150 types of cryptocurrencies, including coins with very low commissions, such as TRON, XRP, DOGE, etc.



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Excellent service with good proxies. They fully justify their cost, which can not be said about some competitors. I advise you to use it.
Signed up for a month subscription for multiple proxies. They were sent within a few minutes. The proxies themselves are very good. Everything loads quickly and without interruptions. I have not contacted tech support yet.
Mr. Kon
I've noticed this site for a long time, but never dared to test it. A month ago I bought several proxies at once, which I have never regretted. Until the end of the subscription, the servers were flying and I personally did not notice any brakes. I will buy more.
Competitors have much higher prices than here. At first I thought that the quality of the servers suffers, but everything turned out ok. I use proxies for targeting in insta, all servers have shown themselves well. I have not noticed any crashes.
At first I thought it was just another site with low quality servers. However, I was very much mistaken. Proxies work perfectly, technical support is as responsive as possible. At the very beginning there were problems with settings, but admins quickly responded to the request and helped. For this a huge plus.
I have been cooperating with the site for six months. I have already bought more than a hundred proxies, all worked and work well. The work of the support team has not hurt either. If there are any questions, they answer quickly. I recommend using the service.
Good proxies with high speed. There is not much to say here. Their prices are very low if you compare them with competitors. None of the servers have crashed yet. Everything is good.
The site shows itself very well. The proxies work stably, none of them went down. Tech. support quickly answered my questions, which also pleased me. I give it a solid five!
I can't get to the site in any way. The functionality suits me, prices and quality of proxies too. All cool, thanks!
The speed of proxies is high, they work stably and do not fly off. I use proxies all the time, so I can say that the servers have no problems with stability. I haven't contacted technical support yet, but judging by the comments, it works well too.
Overall I am very satisfied. Support is always on call and ready to help at any time. Reasonable prices and easy payment method are other important advantages. Besides, there are no connection failures, and proxies fly stably. What else do you need?
The support always stays in touch, so the service is really pleasing. In case there are any problems or substantive questions, then customer support helps and solves these problems very quickly.
If you need to buy proxies at an affordable price, this is the best choice. I became a client of the service half a year ago. The cost is adequate, technical support always tries to help, and most importantly, you can use proxies without a password and login!
Jack rony
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What is UDP? Close

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) - is a fairly old protocol, developed back in the 80s. It does not use "handshaking", i.e. there are no error checks or flow control, so you get a faster connection speed. The main point is that UDP protocol does not establish a direct connection to the receiving side.

The main characteristics are:
1. UDP is faster than the classic TCP protocol, it takes much less resources to establish a connection.
2. There is no connection establishment between sender and receiver.
3. Packet delivery is not organized.
4. Preferred for applications requiring efficient and fast data transfer.

For applications requiring high-speed data transfer and minimal latency, consider simple UDP HTTP proxy with proxy protocol options. These proxies are designed to leverage the speed of UDP while maintaining compatibility with HTTP traffic.

Explore our buy UDP proxy list and address port offerings to find the best solutions for your needs.

Where is the UDP protocol being used now? Close

There are many requests for this type of proxy from users of online games. Such applications work in real time and provide better response than a classic TCP connection. This is especially critical in multiplayer games where every ms is crucial.
Video conferencing and online broadcasting also benefit from UDP. The protocol avoids distortions or delays of audio and video during broadcasting, thus you get a better connection. In case of errors, UDP does not require additional checking and resending of all packets with errors. UDP proxy address and UDP proxy list options can further enhance these applications by providing efficient and reliable proxy services tailored for UDP traffic.

What is the advantage of UPD proxy from PapaProxy? Close

We use Socks5 protocol together with UDP. Thus you can hide your real IP address thanks to modern encryption protocol, thus getting maximum anonymity. Services will not notice the IP address spoofing and you can use all our proxies with UDP to collect bonuses and boost your accounts in multiplayer online games.
The speed on our proxies reaches up to 400 mbps. Only a few proxy services on the whole internet have this kind of bandwidth and they cost much more.

Differences between UDP and QUIC Close

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) are both transport layer protocols, but they differ significantly in terms of functionality, security, and performance. UDP is a simple, connectionless protocol that facilitates fast data transmission by not establishing a connection before sending data. This lack of a handshake process allows for minimal latency, making UDP ideal for applications like online gaming, live streaming, and DNS lookups. However, UDP does not provide built-in error correction, encryption, or reliable delivery, meaning applications using UDP must handle these aspects themselves. For efficient data transfer and management, services like UDP proxy protocol and traffic server are often utilized to enhance performance and control.

QUIC, developed by Google, builds upon UDP to offer a more robust solution. It integrates features typically associated with TCP, such as reliability and security, while maintaining the low-latency benefits of UDP. QUIC includes built-in encryption (TLS 1.3), ensuring secure data transmission from the start. It also supports multiplexing multiple streams over a single connection without head-of-line blocking, enhancing performance for web applications. QUIC's ability to quickly establish connections and recover from packet loss makes it particularly effective in high-latency and lossy network conditions, commonly seen in modern web services and streaming platforms.

proxies are forbidden for Our proxies are forbidden for:
forbidden Malware distribution
forbidden Brut
forbidden Hacking
forbidden Carding
forbidden Etc