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Service terms of use

We are against any illegal activity of our clients. There are a number of restrictions in our service and our proxies are forbidden for:

- committing illegal actions or other violations in range of applicable law;

- for threatening, harassing or violating the privacy rights of others, distribution of unauthorized messages, interception of communication, monitoring or modifying messages not intended for you;

- distribution of malware (trojans, miners, viruses, etc.);

- implementation of brute-forcing (recovery and cracking of passwords);

- for deceptive and fraudulent actions, misrepresentation, phishing, embezzlement or attempts to steal personal identification data;

- participation in illegal gambling or such games advertising;

- provide actions that degrade human dignity, intimidate people, provoke violence or incite harm against any person or group of people on the basis of their age, gender, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, geographic location or other unlawful basis;

- exploitation of children and harm;

- sales, purchases or advertisements of prohibited or restricted products or services;

- downloading, uploading, transfer and displaying of materials related to the pornography or violence categories, as well as providing access to such materials;

- collecting personal information without permission. This information includes the names of account holders and email addresses and other user data;

- providing any activity that impede the operation of the services or products of our service;

- infringement of copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights or intellectual property rights of others;

- violation of the rights of any person to confidentiality or publicity.

You are forbidden to use the "" services in cases that violate the Terms of Use, Terms of Service or licenses that apply to certain services. You also have no right to sell, resell or duplicate any of the company's products or services without written permission. The above items are given as an example. This list should not be considered as completed or definitive as we can update it from time to time. Our service reserves the right to remove any content or suspend the service of those users who violate conditions according to us.