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PapaProxy - premium datacenter proxies with the fastest speed. Fully unlimited traffic. Big Papa packages from 100 to 15,000 IP
  • Some of the lowest prices on the market, no hidden fees;
  • Guaranteed refund within 24 hours after payment.
  • All IPv4 proxies with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support;
  • Upgrade IP in a package without extra charges;
  • Fully unlimited traffic included in the price;
  • No KYC for all customers at any stage;
  • Several subnets in each package;
  • Impressive connection speed;
  • And many other benefits :)
Select your tariff
Price for 1 IP-address: 0$
We have over 100,000 addresses on the IPv4 network. All packets need to be bound to the IP address of the equipment you are going to work with. Proxy servers can be used with or without login/password authentication. Just elite and highly private proxies.
Types of proxies

Types of proxies

Datacenter proxies

Starting from
$19 / month
Unlimited Traffic
SOCKS5 Supported
Over 100,000 IPv4 proxies
Packages from 100 proxies
Good discount for wholesale

Private proxies

Starting from
$2,5 / month
Unlimited Traffic
SOCKS5 Supported
Proxies just for you
Speed up to 200 Mbps
For sale from 1 pc.

Rotating proxies

Starting from
$49 / month
Each request is a new IP
SOCKS5 Supported
Automatic rotation
Ideal for API work
All proxies available now

UDP proxies

Starting from
$19 / month
Unlimited traffic
SOCKS5 supported
PremiumFraud Shield
For games and broadcasts
Speed up to 200 Mbps

Try our proxies for free

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Register an account and get a proxy for the test. You do not need to fill payment data. Support most of popular tasks: search engines, marketplaces, bulletin boards, online services, etc. tasks
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Available regions

Available regions

HTTPS proxy is a proxy server designed to handle traffic encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, which protects the data transmitted between the client and the server by encryption. Unlike conventional HTTP proxies that redirect data in unencrypted form, HTTPS proxies guarantee a high level of security and privacy by hiding the content of the traffic from prying eyes. This makes them an ideal choice for securely transmitting sensitive information such as personal data, payment information, and corporate data. Additionally, our HTTPS proxy solutions offer advanced cache and traffic management features to optimize the efficiency and speed of data handling, making them perfect for high-stakes environments where data integrity and speed are paramount.

  • IP updates in the package at no extra charge;

  • Unlimited traffic included in the price;

  • Automatic delivery of addresses after payment;

  • All proxies are IPv4 with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support;

  • Impressive connection speed;

  • Some of the lowest prices on the market, with no hidden fees;

  • If the IP addresses don't suit you - money back within 24 hours;

  • And many more perks :)

We have all of the most popular payment options available:

  • VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay

  • Tether (TRC20, ERC20)

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • AliPay

  • WebMoney WMZ

  • Perfect Money

You can use both HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols at the same time. Proxies with and without authorization are available in the personal cabinet.


Port 8080 for HTTP and HTTPS proxies with authorization.

Port 1080 for SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies with authorization.

Port 8085 for HTTP and HTTPS proxies without authorization.

Port 1085 for SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy without authorization.


We also have a proxy list builder available - you can upload data in any convenient format. For professional users there is an extended API for your tasks.

Free proxy list

Free HTTPS proxy list

Note - these are NOT our test proxies. Publicly available free lists, collected from open sources, to test your software.
You can request a test of our proxies here.


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This is a very convenient website with a great choice of proxies. The servers do not flit, I can choose the desired geo and I don't need to feel anxious about it. I can subscribe for a long term and forget about constant screenings.
William Tyler
The site shows itself very well. Proxies work consistently, none of them failed. Technical support quickly responded to my questions, which also pleased me. I must give it a high five!
They have started to ban free proxies in KeyCollector. That is why I joined the search for paid proxies. I compared prices and chose this service. I was looking for IPv4, they are a bit cheaper than my competitors. In general I like everything, if there are any questions, support will solve them right away. Very comfy!
I recommend these guys to everyone! No questions asked, proxies are stable and not expensive. Customer support is also up to par, everything is fast, accurate and courteous.
I am happy with everything at the moment. A big plus is the ability to use the free version. I was very happy with the great benefits of the free version which I was able to try out for free and then, if I do like it, start using it.
Robin Veith
The proxies correspond to my requirements and allow me to solve my tasks. I have no problems with the service unlike other providers.
Robert Bisson
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Fast integration with API

Fast integration with API

Simple tool for complete proxy management - purchase, renewal, IP list update, binding change, upload lists. With easy integration into all popular programming languages, PapaProxy API is a great choice for developers looking to optimize their systems.

Quick and easy integration.
Full control and management of proxies via API.
Extensive documentation for a quick start.
Compatible with any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

Ready to improve your product? Explore our API and start integrating today!


And 500+ more programming tools and languages



Maximizing web scraping with HTTPS proxies Close

In the digital age, web scraping has become a critical tool for data-driven decision making. Utilizing advanced HTTPS proxy tools for scraping, connection handling, and export features can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of data collection efforts.

HTTPS proxies are essential for web scrapers, providing a secure means to access web data without revealing the scraper’s IP address. This anonymity is crucial for bypassing anti-scraping technologies that many websites employ to block scraping activities. By routing requests through an HTTPS proxy, scrapers can mimic genuine user behavior, reducing the risk of detection.

Beyond security, these proxies offer advanced connection management capabilities. This ensures stable and continuous data extraction, even when dealing with large volumes of requests. Efficient connection handling minimizes the chances of server overload and helps maintain a respectful crawling pace, which is vital for ethical scraping practices.

How to check proxy speed? Close

Incoming and outgoing Internet speeds are important indicators of proxy performance because they directly influence the speed of downloading the required information. The value of the ping is important for estimating the speed - the lower the value, the better. You can find out the real speed of your proxy server with the help of proxy checker.

Maximizing efficiency with HTTPS proxies Close

Efficient connection management is key to leveraging budget and premium HTTPS proxy offerings for cost-effective and high-end needs. Whether you are handling basic web browsing or complex data scraping, selecting the right HTTPS proxy can significantly impact performance and costs.

For budget-conscious projects, our HTTPS proxies are available at just $19 per month, providing a cost-effective solution for straightforward tasks such as simple web surfing and minor data scraping. These proxies offer adequate protection and functionality without breaking the bank.

For those requiring more robust solutions, our premium HTTPS proxies cater to high-end needs with packages ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 IPs and support for up to 20,000 connections. Ideal for businesses and advanced applications, these proxies offer enhanced features such as faster speeds, advanced encryption, and the ability to handle high-volume, concurrent connections. For truly massive scraping operations, we can scale the number of connections to virtually unlimited, ensuring that even the most demanding tasks are handled smoothly and efficiently.

In conclusion, understanding the distinct advantages of both budget and premium proxy offerings allows users to optimize their internet activities effectively.

Why does Yandex ban proxies? Close

Most often Yandex bans only public proxies that can be used by many users at the same time. The main reason for this is the high probability of cyber-attacks. Proxies are often used for DDoS, which means artificially overloading the server by sending a large number of requests to it every second.

What is a proxy domain? Close

The proxy domain most often refers to the IP address where the server is located. It can only "learn" the IP address of the user when processing the traffic. But in most cases it does not store such information later for security reasons.

Our statistics

>12 000

packages were sold in a few years

8 000 Tb

traffic spended by our clients per month.

6 out of 10

Number of clients that increase their tariff after the first month of usage

HTTP / HTTPS / Socks 4 / Socks 5

All popular proxy protocols that work with absolutely any software and device are available
With us you will receive

With us you will receive

  • Many payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, WMZ, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT TRC20, AliPay, etc;
  • No-questions-asked refunds within the first 24 hours of payment;
  • Personalized prices via customer support;
  • High proxy speed and no traffic restrictions;
  • Complete privacy on SOCKS protocols;
  • Automatic payment, issuance and renewal of proxies;
  • Only live support, no chatbots.
  • Personal manager for purchases of $500 or more.

What else…

  • Discounts for regular customers;
  • Discounts for large proxy volume;
  • Package of documents for legal entities;
  • Stability, speed, convenience;
  • Binding a proxy only to your IP address;
  • Comfortable control panel and downloading of proxy lists.
  • Advanced API.