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PapaProxy - premium datacenter proxies with the fastest speed. Fully unlimited traffic. Big Papa packages from 100 to 15,000 IP
  • Some of the lowest prices on the market, no hidden fees;
  • Guaranteed refund within 24 hours after payment.
  • All IPv4 proxies with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support;
  • Upgrade IP in a package without extra charges;
  • Fully unlimited traffic included in the price;
  • No KYC for all customers at any stage;
  • Several subnets in each package;
  • Impressive connection speed;
  • And many other benefits :)
Select your tariff
Price for 1 IP-address: 0$
We have over 100,000 addresses on the IPv4 network. All packets need to be bound to the IP address of the equipment you are going to work with. Proxy servers can be used with or without login/password authentication. Just elite and highly private proxies.
Types of proxies

Types of proxies

Datacenter proxies

Starting from
$19 / month
Unlimited Traffic
SOCKS5 Supported
Over 100,000 IPv4 proxies
Packages from 100 proxies
Good discount for wholesale

Private proxies

Starting from
$2,5 / month
Unlimited Traffic
SOCKS5 Supported
Proxies just for you
Speed up to 200 Mbps
For sale from 1 pc.

Rotating proxies

Starting from
$49 / month
Each request is a new IP
SOCKS5 Supported
Automatic rotation
Ideal for API work
All proxies available now

UDP proxies

Starting from
$19 / month
Unlimited traffic
SOCKS5 supported
PremiumFraud Shield
For games and broadcasts
Speed up to 200 Mbps

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Register an account and get a proxy for the test. You do not need to fill payment data. Support most of popular tasks: search engines, marketplaces, bulletin boards, online services, etc. tasks
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Available regions

Available regions

Paid proxies offer superior security, anonymity, and data encryption, ensuring your information is protected. They guarantee high performance, stability, and connection speed thanks to quality infrastructure and a 24/7 technical department. Users receive professional support and the ability to customize the service for individual needs. Premium paid proxy servers for enhanced stability and performance are also available, reducing the risk of blocking and ensuring consistent service. Additionally, provides an extensive list of paid proxy services, featuring both standard and SOCKS proxies, catering to diverse requirements and ensuring optimal connectivity. These advantages make paid proxies an ideal choice for those looking for reliability and security on the internet.

  • IP updates in the package at no extra charge;

  • Unlimited traffic included in the price;

  • Automatic delivery of addresses after payment;

  • All proxies are IPv4 with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support;

  • Impressive connection speed;

  • Some of the lowest prices on the market, with no hidden fees;

  • If the IP addresses don't suit you - money back within 24 hours;

  • And many more perks :)

We have all of the most popular payment options available:

  • VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay

  • Tether (TRC20, ERC20)

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • AliPay

  • WebMoney WMZ

  • Perfect Money

You can use both HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols at the same time. Proxies with and without authorization are available in the personal cabinet.


Port 8080 for HTTP and HTTPS proxies with authorization.

Port 1080 for SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies with authorization.

Port 8085 for HTTP and HTTPS proxies without authorization.

Port 1085 for SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy without authorization.


We also have a proxy list builder available - you can upload data in any convenient format. For professional users there is an extended API for your tasks.



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I have bought several times more expensive proxies from my competitors before. I often had crashes and slowdowns. I have never seen any glitches or slowdowns on this website.
I haven't noticed any major problems with the service. If there were some server issues, they were fixed very quickly. I would also like to mention the trial period feature. When I began my cooperation with the website they helped me with the settings. This is also a great advantage.
Proxies are issued immediately after payment. The speed of servers is decent, admins respond quickly.
I use it for contextual advertisement. They are very good proxies for parsing Yandex. I bought them upon recommendation from this website with 5% discount. Everything works great! Thank you!
I have been using the American proxies at this service all the time. I have never had any problems or troubles. The proxies work very well.
For such a low price the percentage of broken proxies is very low (about 10%). I liked the presence of many subnets, the stability of the connection, and the free change of the pool every eight days.
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Fast integration with API

Fast integration with API

Simple tool for complete proxy management - purchase, renewal, IP list update, binding change, upload lists. With easy integration into all popular programming languages, PapaProxy API is a great choice for developers looking to optimize their systems.

Quick and easy integration.
Full control and management of proxies via API.
Extensive documentation for a quick start.
Compatible with any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

Ready to improve your product? Explore our API and start integrating today!


And 500+ more programming tools and languages



Comprehensive guide to paid proxy services: what you need to know Close

When choosing a paid proxy service, several factors need to be considered to ensure you get the best performance, security, and value. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand the essential aspects of paid proxy services:

1. Performance and Speed
Paid proxies offer superior performance and speed compared to free proxies. They use high-quality servers with better infrastructure, ensuring stable and fast connections. This is crucial for tasks like web scraping, streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities.

2. Security
Security is a critical factor when using proxies, especially for handling sensitive information. Paid proxies provide advanced encryption and security measures to protect user data. They also have dedicated security teams to monitor and address potential threats, ensuring your online activities remain secure.

3. Reliability
Paid proxies come with higher reliability and uptime guarantees. Providers offer extensive networks with numerous IP addresses, ensuring you have a reliable connection at all times. This reliability is crucial for businesses that need continuous internet access for their operations.

4. Customer Support
Another significant advantage of paid proxies is the availability of customer support. Reputable providers offer 24/7 support to help users with any issues they might encounter. This support is essential for maintaining smooth operations, especially for businesses that rely heavily on proxy services.

5. IP Pool and Diversity
Paid proxy services usually have a large pool of IP addresses, offering more diversity and reducing the chances of IP bans. This is crucial for tasks that require high anonymity and diverse geographic coverage, such as market research and competitive analysis.

6. Customization and Flexibility
Paid proxies offer more customization options, allowing users to tailor the service to their specific needs. This includes choosing between different types of proxies (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS), selecting specific geographic locations, and adjusting settings to optimize performance for various tasks.

At, we offer affordable paid proxies, offering cost-effective solutions for reliable internet access. Our services ensure high performance, security, and reliability, making them an ideal choice for both individual and business users. We strive to provide the best paid proxy service for secure and fast online activities, ensuring that your internet connection is both reliable and secure.

The importance of stability in paid proxy servers Close

Stability is a crucial factor when choosing paid proxy servers, impacting performance, security, and user experience. Unlike free proxies, which often suffer from limited resources and frequent downtimes, paid proxies are designed to offer consistent and reliable connections. Here are some key points highlighting the importance of stability in paid proxies:

1. Consistent Performance:
Paid proxies typically utilize high-quality server infrastructure, ensuring stable and fast connections. This is essential for tasks that require uninterrupted internet access, such as data scraping, streaming, and online gaming. Stable connections prevent data loss and reduce the risk of failed network activities.

2. Enhanced Security:
Stability in paid proxies also translates to better security. Reliable providers implement advanced security measures and maintain their servers to prevent vulnerabilities and attacks. This is crucial for protecting sensitive data and ensuring safe online activities. Free proxies, on the other hand, are often targeted by hackers due to their weak security protocols.

3. Higher Uptime Guarantees:
Reputable paid proxy services offer uptime guarantees, often around 99%, ensuring that the proxy servers are available whenever needed. This is especially important for businesses that rely on continuous internet connectivity for their operations. Free proxies lack such guarantees and can be unreliable, leading to frequent disconnections.

4. Avoiding Throttling and Bans:
Paid proxies provide dedicated IP addresses or high-quality shared proxies that reduce the likelihood of IP bans. Free proxies are often overused, leading to frequent blacklisting by websites. Stable paid proxies help maintain access to target sites without interruptions, which is vital for activities like market research and competitive analysis.

At, we offer stable paid proxy servers, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service. Our proxies are built on robust infrastructure, providing high-speed, reliable connections suitable for various online activities. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive paid proxy service, including server access and IP options, tailored to meet diverse needs.

What is a proxy port? Close

Every proxy server is of the type, where the first part before the colon is the IP address of the remote computer through which the connection is made. The second part (after the colon, in this case 8080) is the port number through which your equipment will connect to that very remote server.

What is product scraping? Close

Under the parsing of goods often mean the collection of a database in which the data is entered about all the items sold in online stores. For example, the famous service e-katalog is just engaged in this type of parsing. And then it simply structures all the data obtained and publishes them on its site.

Our statistics

>12 000

packages were sold in a few years

8 000 Tb

traffic spended by our clients per month.

6 out of 10

Number of clients that increase their tariff after the first month of usage

HTTP / HTTPS / Socks 4 / Socks 5

All popular proxy protocols that work with absolutely any software and device are available
With us you will receive

With us you will receive

  • Many payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, WMZ, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT TRC20, AliPay, etc;
  • No-questions-asked refunds within the first 24 hours of payment;
  • Personalized prices via customer support;
  • High proxy speed and no traffic restrictions;
  • Complete privacy on SOCKS protocols;
  • Automatic payment, issuance and renewal of proxies;
  • Only live support, no chatbots.
  • Personal manager for purchases of $500 or more.

What else…

  • Discounts for regular customers;
  • Discounts for large proxy volume;
  • Package of documents for legal entities;
  • Stability, speed, convenience;
  • Binding a proxy only to your IP address;
  • Comfortable control panel and downloading of proxy lists.
  • Advanced API.