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We are confident in the quality of our service, but no one is immune to controversial situations. We offer our clients:

  • Full refund within 24 hours after payment. It is possible to return the funds in the same way you paid. We do not ask unnecessary questions - if for some reason the service is not suitable for you - we will make a refund.
  • After 24 hours you can also cancel your paid proxy package, but in this case unused funds will be returned to the internal account balance for further purchases.
  • If the servers are unavailable for more than 30 minutes, we compensate all customers in 3 times the downtime of the proxy.

Please note an important point - if the IP blocking was caused by something you did while using the proxy, we will not be able to provide you with an immediate replacement. You can independently update your proxy list, but not earlier than 8 days after the last proxy list update. We recommend you to read the policy of the site/service where you are planning to use the proxy in order not to get an instant ban due to an excessive number of requests.