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General issues

How much time does issuing a proxy take after payment?

Proxy is issued automatically after payment. If you do not get the access in 10 min after payment, please, contact technical support.

Do you provide a test period?

Yes. You can get a test service for 60 min. Or after purchasing the package you can request a refund during 24 hours after payment.

Can I choose a city and not just a country?

No, we only divide proxy servers by country. There is no way to select a specific city.

Do you have a proxy for betting, payment systems or casino?

Anti-fraud systems are very well set up in such niches. If you haven't worked with server proxies on your source before, please don't waste your and our time. You should understand that server proxies are of little use for services where every user is studied in detail.

What kind of proxies do you sell? Server proxies, resident proxies, mobile proxies?

We only have server proxies hosted in data centers. When you check the IP address, you will see the address of the datacenter where the server is located. These are NOT resident or mobile proxies. Keep this in mind before buying a proxy package.
As for package offers - these are shared proxies for 3-5 people at a time. IP lists are not formed in advance - with each new order a proxy package is formed automatically from our proxy pool, as a result different users will never get exactly the same set of IPs. Even if two users work with the same data source in one of the regions, they will have different IPs in the service packages and will not create a double load from one IP to the same site. As a result, we get proxies at a price much lower than most competitors, while they do not differ significantly from individual IPs, which can cost dozens of times more.
It should be taken into account that when buying several large proxy packages of one region you may get duplicate IP addresses in different packages. This is due to the peculiarities of load distribution - the IPs that are least loaded are given out first. We try to avoid such cases when forming the list of proxies in identical packets, but such probability is present. If there are too many duplicates, you should contact technical support for consultation.

What are server proxies and what are their features?

Server proxies are IP addresses located in data centers and they are "service". On such IP there are no other live users who use the Internet from home. These IP are suitable for most business tasks. They have low cost, high stability, unlimited traffic. However, we do not recommend using them for tasks where you will be exposed to detailed checking as a user (antifraud). Such tasks may include: registration in bookmaker's shops, registering on the sites of banks and payment systems, getting money bonuses in different systems, etc. In other cases, server proxies will be ideal in terms of price/quality ratio.

What is an individual proxy?

It means that an IP-address channel is provided just for one person during the whole payment period. You do not share with anyone.

Do you have IPv6 proxies?

No, we provide just IPv4 because they are universal for 99.99% of tasks.

In which countries is the service available?

We have no geographical restrictions on proxy purchases. We have clients in over 50 countries, and a wide range of payment methods allows you to pay for proxies any way you like. Technical support is only available in Russian and English.

How to choose different subnets in one package?

This cannot be performed manually. Proxies lists are generated randomly. But we have more than 300 subnets of (C) class. That is why you will get the greatest possible variety inside one package.

If I buy two similar packages all the IP-addresses will be identical?

No. The list is generated randomly from the list of free addresses. In the end you get the greatest possible variety.

What kind of tasks can be processed on our proxies?

The list of clients' tasks is very extensive and we can't do tests absolutely everywhere, but for most typical tasks our proxies are perfectly suitable. First of all, we are targeted at professionals who need a large amount of data collection. However, we also sell individual proxies (right calculator) that are suitable as a substitute for a VPN service. You can use them to access torrent resources, to read blocked sites or to resume broadcasts of our beloved webcam models :)

In any case, you can always take a proxy for a test or request a refund within 24 hours after paying for the service.

Is it possible to rent a proxy for less than a month?

Unfortunately, no. Minimal rental period is 30 days. After this you can request a longer period. You can request a refund during 24 hours after payment, if for any reason IP-addresses do not match your tasks.

What is the operation period of your proxies?

Everything depends on the rental period. Our proxies “do not die” during the paid period. If package rental period is 30 days so proxies will work all 30 days without replacement. Same for 365 days of rent.

What is the proxy speed?

Channels of our servers vary in range from 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. Technically we do not put limits to the operational speed of 10 Mbps like it happens for some services. Wherein we could not guarantee a speed of minimal 100 Mbps, because it depends on lots of factors.

Do you have traffic limits?

No, we have fair unlimited traffic. Gaining a certain level we do not limit the proxy speed.

What if the format of proxies list?

Proxies in HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 format are supported by almost any software. In your personal account you can change the format of proxies from HTTPS to SOCKS5 and vice versa.

What are the rules for refunds?

We will refund your money within 24 hours of purchase if the proxies are not suitable for you. 
Refunds are made using the same method you used to pay for the service. To get a refund, you need to contact Customer Support.
You can cancel your order 24 hours after the payment and get a refund on your internal account balance. Cancellation of the order is possible once every three days in the personal cabinet without contacting the Support Service.

What sites and services do you block?

We block mail ports for POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols to avoid mail spam through our proxy servers. Spam and any illegal activities using our proxy servers is forbidden and is stipulated in our terms of service.

We have also blocked most popular proxy-checkers. Your packet is bound to your hardware IP, so the proxy checker cannot process your request and proxies will be unavailable by default. Google works intermittently on its own, it is better not to use our proxies for this source.

Technical questions

What is IP binding and why is it needed?

Any of our services must be bound to the IP address of the computer from which you are going to work. It is impossible to disable this option, as it is one of your security modules. In case you show login/password to access your service to third parties - they still won't be able to use your proxies, because they are bound exactly to your equipment and won't work on another computer.

To set the binding, you need to know your real IP (of the computer or remote server) from which you will run the proxy (before checking, be sure to disable the VPN, if there is one). You can do this at Write down the IP.

Next, in your personal cabinet (, select the active service and go to it.
On the page of the particular service you will see login and password for authorization to the proxy, as well as a field where you must specify the IP address of the equipment, which you got on the site Enter your IP and press "set" button. It may take 5-10 minutes for the changes to take effect. After that, the proxy is ready to use.

Where to get login/password for the proxy authorization?

In the section “Products/services” click the button active service, before field “IP binding” you will find login and password for the proxy list authorization.

What to do if the proxy stopped working?

First check the binding of proxies list to IP address. It is possible that your main IP was changed and now you should rebind the list to the new address. If you check the performance through the proxy-checker, you will get wrong information. It is because the binding is done to the certain (your) IP-address.

If the binding is correct, then check the proxy in the browser on the equipment to which the service is tied.

In the browser settings, type the IP address from the proxy packet and the port (we recommend using port 8080)
Go to If the IP address has changed, it means that the proxy servers are working.
In this case, the problem is in your software, which works through our proxies. If the problem persists - contact technical support and describe your problem in detail.

Proxy-checker shows that proxies do not work

Your proxies list operates strictly from the linked IP-address in the client’s panel. Because the IP address of proxy-checker differs from yours respectively for it proxy’s data will be closed.

How to check that proxies work?

You can only check the operation of our proxy servers in a browser.

Bind the proxy packet to the IP of the equipment on which you are going to test.
In the browser settings, type the received IP address and port (we recommend to use port 8080)
Go to If the IP address has changed, it means that the proxies are working

Because of the IP binding, proxies cannot be checked through external services and programs.

Is it possible to bind one proxy package to several external IP addresses?

No. This is your 100% guarantee that only you have this proxy channel. This is done to achieve maximum privacy and highest speed of work. If you need to use a proxy for several devices simultaneously then break a large package into smaller ones and bind them to the corresponding IP addresses of your devices.

I have a dynamic IP, can I use your proxies?

Yes. If your ISP gives different IP in the same subnet - then you can work steadily with login/password authorization (99.9% of ISPs work in the same subnet). In this case, the binding is carried out within the mask /21 of the linked IP in the personal area. IP range is calculated automatically. You can calculate the range using CIDR Calculator, for example this one - For example, let's take your IP and add /21 to it and enter in the string and we get our work range - - If your IP changes to any other IP within this subnet, proxy will continue to work with login/password authentication. There is no need to change your IP address in the client panel every time.

Is it possible to work without binding to an IP address?

No, binding is a prerequisite for use. If you have a dynamic IP, proxies will work with login/password authentication within /21 mask. Detailed explanation in the answer above :) If you were planning to use a big package on different servers - cancel the service, take two smaller packages and bind each service to the IP address of your servers.

The wrong proxy country is displayed, what should I do?

In 99% of cases, this is an incorrect display of the GEO on the checked site.

There are organizations (5 in total) that distribute IPs by country:
AFRINIC (Africa)

APNIC (Asia Pacific)

ARIN (North America)

LACNIC (Latin America and Caribbean)

RIPE (Europe)

The problem is that most services update their GEO database quite rarely or not at all, but we regularly double-check all our pool via RIPE. We recommend that you check the IP at the source. We cannot be responsible for other services.

How many connections am I allowed?

It all depends on your service package.

For packages up to 999 IP addresses, you have a limit of 600 concurrent connections.
From 1,000 to 4,999 IP addresses, the limit is three times the number of IPs in your package.
From 5,000 to 14,999 IP addresses, the limit is twice the number of IPs in your package.
For packages with 15,000 or more IP addresses, the connection limit equals the number of IPs in the package.

What happens if you exceed the limits?

Your service (not your entire personal account) will enter "Slow Mode." In this mode, you're allowed no more than one concurrent connection per IP address in your service package. The mode is dynamic:

Up to 2 violations per day: 5 minutes.
From 3 to 6 violations: 15 minutes.
From 7 to 10 violations: 30 minutes.
More than 10 violations: 60 minutes in "Slow Mode."

We explain more about threads and connections in this article.

I can't see the proxy port, why?

All our proxy lists are imported with the port. You can download them in TXT and CSV formats in your personal cabinet.
If for some reason you have proxies without ports, you can write them yourself:

For http(s) port 8085.
For Socks(4,5) - 1085.

Can I access proxy lists in text format?

Yes, you can download the proxy list in TXT and CSV formats. To do this, click on the desired format in your personal cabinet, and the proxy list download will start automatically.

Proxies are sold as anonymous, but in fact they give out the real IP, why?

Without exception, all of our proxies are anonymous and IP addresses are spoofed. It's possible that your software or a checker isn't working properly and is giving out your real IP address.

What should I do if the streaming video is interrupted or the proxy speed is too slow?

No such problems should arise with our proxy servers. All of our servers are connected to ports with speeds from 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s. The problem may arise only on the source side, i.e. some service may limit the speed for IPs located in the data center, but we can not affect this.
If you do notice any problems with speed, write to technical support and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Is it possible to update the proxy list and get new IP addresses?

Once every 8 days you have this opportunity. There will be a button in your personal cabinet, which allows you to recreate a list of proxies and they will be automatically generated from the common buffer. It is impossible to predict the update percentage, because it is automatic and takes random IP addresses from our pool.