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Cooperation with legal entities (companies)

We are ready to provide our services not only to individuals, but also to companies that need stable and reliable proxy servers.

We conclude the contract, provide a full set of documents for reporting. Conditions:

- non-cash payment method, minimum lease term of proxy packages - 6 months (180 days);

- the IP list in the package can be updated every 8 days;

- at the first conclusion of the contract +10% to the bill for the full documentation;

- no refunds for unused proxy usage period.

If you want to conclude an agreement and you already have a valid account - write to technical support via the ticket system. If you do not have an account - write to supp[email protected] with the desired proxy package and lease term.

If you are confused by the lack of refunds, you can take a proxy test for 30 minutes. You can also buy a minimum package of 50IP as an individual and request a full refund for the service within 24 hours.